Complex flows, complex fluids

Welcome to our fluid mechanics laboratory at UCL Mechanical Engineering. We study a range of challenging fluid flow problems such as  bluff body flows, fluid structure interaction, haemodynamics, microfluidics,  non-Newtonian flows to name a few. We use state of the art diagnostics and quantitative imaging techniques to understand complex flow phenomena spanning various scales from micro to macro, and to design/optimise processes and tools. Our work is interdisciplinary and has both industrial and clinical application. We work closely with modellers to develop predictive tools for these flows and we collaborate with other engineers, scientists as well as clinicians.

Space-Reynolds flow map in a Taylor Couette flow of a Newtonian elastic fluid (Boger) (Tom Lacassagne ). Click image.

Symmetric vortex shedding behind a streamwise oscillating cylinder (Neil Cagney)

If you are interested in joining our group please check our Vacancies page.