September 2019 – New paper! Evolutionary and functional impact of common polymorphic inversions in the human genome has been published in Nature Communications. Ginger et al., NatComm (2019).


September 2019 – Sojung Han successfully defended her PhD thesis at the PRBB in Barcelona. Congratulations, Dr. Han!


September 2019 – Our paper on local adaptation of human cold receptor TRPM8, led by former PhD student Felix Key (now at Harvard), has been Highly Recognized by PLoS Genetics: among the three best nominated papers published in the journal in 2018. UGI,GEE News piece. Announcement.


September 2019 – Congratulations to Derron Abdulla, who defended his project and graduated from his MSc.


July 2019 – Group Alumni Bárbara Bitarello (now at UPenn) receives her award from the Society of Molecular Biology and Evolution for best paper published in GBE by a PhD student, at the SMBE meeting in Manchester. UGI,GEE News piece.


July 2019 – We welcome Aarthi Seekar (from UC Davis) and María Lucena Pérez (from the Estación Biológica de Doñana), both visiting us for the month of July.


June 2019 – Harvinder Pawar received an award for best presentation, for her talk on her extended MSci project on local adaptation in chimpanzee subspecies. Congratulations Harvi!


June 2019 – Congratulations to Harvinder Pawar and Simran Rai, who just finished their extended MSci project in the group, and graduated.