Nuria Oliver

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Nuria Oliver

Role: Senior TPC & Track chair for “Tracking/wearable and mobile technology for personal, public and global health”; Invited speaker
Affiliation: Telefonica, Spain

Talk title: Towards better health with (mobile) computing: opportunities and challenges

Abstract: In my talk I will first give an overview of Telefonica’s current work in the area of eHealth. Next I will summarize past and current research efforts on mobile computing in the area of health, both in terms of personal wellness and health and in the context of public health. Furthermore, I will highlight key challenges that would need to be addressed to turn this tremendous opportunity into a reality.

Bio: Nuria Oliver (PhD, MIT 2000) is currently the Scientific Director and founder of the User, Data and Media Intelligence research areas in Telefonica Research, working on data analytics, user modeling and HCI in a variety of domains. Prior to this position, she was a researcher at Microsoft Research in Redmond, WA for over 7 years. She has written over 90 scientific papers in international conferences, journals and book chapters. Her work has been widely recognized by the scientific community with over 7700 citations. Nuria has over 40 patent applications and granted patents. She is in the organizing and/or program committee of the top conferences in her research areas.

She believes in the power of technology to empower and increase the quality of life of people. She has received a number of awards, including a 10 Year Technical Impact Award (ACM ICMI), a Rising Start Award by the Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society (2009), MIT’s ‘TR100 Young Innovators Award’ (2004) and the First Spanish Award of EECS graduates (1994). She is senior member of the ACM.

Her work has been widely featured on multiple newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations both in Spain and the US. She has been featured in EL PAIS Sunday magazine as one of a few ‘female directors in technology’ (2012), named Rising Talent by the Women’s Forum for Economy & Society (October 2009), one of the ‘most influential young women in Spain’ (MujerHoy Magazine, 2012), one of ‘100 leaders of the future ‘ by Capital Magazine (May 2009) and one of the ‘Generation XXI: 40 Spanish youngsters that will make news in the Third Millenium ‘ by EL PAIS (2000).

She has given two TEDx talks and one WIRED talk. She is also co-organizing the first TEDxBarcelona event devoted to Education.